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  1. Expose the participants to post-production loss reduction and value addition techniques: This likely involves providing training and knowledge to individuals or groups involved in various production processes on how to minimize losses and increase the value of their products through post-production techniques.

  2. Capacity Build Federation Office Bearers: This involves enhancing the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of office bearers within a federation or organization, which could include training in leadership, management, and decision-making.

  3. Provision of Livelihood support: This is a general statement, but it may involve offering financial or non-financial assistance to individuals or communities to help them improve their livelihoods, which could include training, resources, or other forms of support.

  4. Provision Agriculture input support: Providing necessary resources, such as seeds, fertilizers, tools, and knowledge, to support agricultural activities and enhance crop production.

  5. Provision input to women initiatives support: Offering resources and support specifically targeted at women-led initiatives or projects, which could include training, funding, or access to relevant inputs.

  6. Plan and organize training workshops for NGOs and Government staff on SPHERE and other standards: Organizing training workshops for employees of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government staff to educate them about the SPHERE standards, which are humanitarian standards for disaster response and relief.

  7. Strengthening of Organic sales outlets: Enhancing and improving the distribution and sales channels for organic products, which could include setting up more outlets, improving marketing, or ensuring product quality.

  8. Divisional coordination meeting: A meeting involving various stakeholders or divisions to discuss and coordinate activities related to the mentioned livelihood and support initiatives.
 ActivitiyDonorsFundDivisionTarget GroupNumber of BenificiariesStart date
 Livelihood Support and trainingCA5,200,000.00Kalmunai, Sammanthurai and NavithanvelyPoor families1152009
 Livelihood and capacity buildingEU – OXFAM655,788.00ThirukkovilPoor families252010
 Livelihood and capacity buildingEU – OXFAM253,000.00ThirukkovilPoor families152010
 Livelihood and capacity buildingLWR7,891,898.00Navithanvely, SamanthuraiFarmer30002011
 Livelihood and capacity buildingEU – OXFAM1,594,650.00ThirukkovilPoor families 2011
 Livelihood and capacity buildingDiakonia3,812,887.00SWOAD 6 DivisionPoor families30002012
 Livelihood and capacity buildingLWR15,861,484.00Navithanvely, SammanthuraiFarmer 2012
 Livelihood and capacity buildingEU – OXFAM23,361,815.00ThirukkovilPoor families20002012
 Livelihood and capacity buildingEU – OXFAM20,084,875.00ThirukkovilPoor families 2013
 Livelihood and capacity buildingDiakonia3,919,513.00SWOAD 6 DivisionPoor families1002013
 Livelihood and capacity buildingLWR771,853.00Navithanvely, SammanthuraiFarmer 2013
 Livelihood and capacity buildingDiakonia6,259,696.00SWOAD 6 DivisionPoor families30002014
 Livelihood and capacity buildingDiakonia3,983,881.00SWOAD 6 DivisionPoor families30002015
 Livelihood and capacity buildingUNDP – SDDP1,051,628.00Thirukkovil,Alaydivembu,Navithanvely,IrakkamamPoor families15002015
 Livelihood and capacity buildingUNDP – SDDP16,681,911.00Thirukkovil,Alaydivembu,Navithanvely,IrakkamamPoor families 2017
 Livelihood and capacity buildingHandicup150,000.00ThirukkovilProducer Group2502017
 Livelihood and capacity buildingHandicup350,000.00ThirukkovilProducer Group 2018
Total  111,884,879.00  16005 

Activities of Sustainable Livelihood