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Infrastructure Development

Our organization is actively engaged in a range of infrastructural development activities, aimed at addressing the basic needs of vulnerable people living in extreme poverty and improving their overall livelihood. Here’s an overview of the infrastructural initiatives implemented:
  1. Housing:
    • Construction of permanent and temporary houses to provide shelter for vulnerable communities.
  2. School Establishment:
    • Establishing schools to promote education and literacy.
  3. Public Well Construction:
    • Building public wells to provide access to clean and safe water.
  4. Multipurpose Building:
    • Construction of multipurpose buildings that can serve various community needs.
  5. Fisherman Rest Hall:
    • Establishing rest halls for fishermen, potentially providing them with a space for relaxation and community gatherings.
  6. Route Reconstruction:
    • Reconstruction of routes, likely to improve transportation infrastructure.
  7. Paddy Seed Refinery and Collection:
    • Construction of facilities for refining and collecting paddy seeds, supporting agricultural activities.
  8. Market Building:
    • Constructing market buildings to facilitate local economic activities.
  9. Cooperative Society Building:
    • Establishing buildings for cooperative societies, fostering community collaboration.
  10. Fisherman’s Stool:
    • Establishing facilities or structures for fishermen, possibly for storage or processing of catch.
  11. Public Building:
    • Construction of public buildings for community use.
  12. Drainage:
    • Implementation of drainage systems to manage water flow and prevent flooding.
  13. Runways Pond:
    • Creation of ponds, possibly for aquaculture or water storage.
These infrastructural development activities collectively contribute to the enhancement of living conditions, economic opportunities, and overall community well-being. By addressing housing, education, water supply, agriculture, and community spaces, your organization is making significant strides towards creating sustainable and self-sufficient communities. The diverse range of initiatives reflects a comprehensive approach to infrastructural development that considers the multifaceted needs of the population you serve.
 ActivitiyDonorsFundDivisionTarget GroupNumber of BenificiariesStart date
 Construction of VT HostalWUSC792,000.00ThirukkovilYouths252004
 Construction of School Wall – TsunamiDCA653,000.00Thirukkovil  2005
 Construction of Road repairingCA300,000.00KalmunaiTsunami affected people 2005
 Construction of Box CulvertNECCDEP1,132,074.00Aligambai, PottuvilTsunami affected people102006
 Construction of CausewayNECCDEP131,140.00PottivilTsunami affected people12006
 Construction of Road repairingNECCDEP428,850.00AligambaiTsunami affected people827M2006
 Multipurpose BuildingNECCDEP3,978,742.00Kalmunai, Thirukkovil, KaraithivuTsunami affected people32007
 Construction of MarketNECCDEP1,415,819.00ThirukkovilTsunami affected people12007
 Construction of Box CulvertNECCDEP210,855.00PottuvilTsunami affected people32007
 Cooprative BuildingNECCDEP814,300.00AligambaiTsunami affected people12007
 Construction of Road repairingNECCDEP1,302,114.00Karaithivu, Thirukkovil, PottuvilTsunami affected people1140M2007
 Construction of Road and Box CulvertNECCDEP1,614,737.00ThirukkovilTsunami affected people1134M2007
 Construction of DrainageNECCDEP1,237,447.00KaraithuvuTsunami affected people552 m22007
 Multipurpose BuildingNECCDEP3,458,326.00ThirukkovilTsunami affected people22008
 Well and ToiletNECCDEP516,635.00ThirukkovilTsunami affected people42008
 Construction of Fishermen ad toiletsNECCDEP1,111,367.00ThirukkovilTsunami affected people12008
 Construction of Box CulvertNECCDEP252,532.00Pottuvil, AligambaiTsunami affected people22008
 Construction of CausewayNECCDEP178,000.00KaraithivuTsunami affected people59 m22008
 Construction of DrainageNECCDEP4,207,144.00Karaithivu, KalmunaiTsunami affected people663m2008
 Construction of Road and drainageNECCDEP1,782,087.00Thirukkovil, KalmunaiTsunami affected people184.85m2008
 Construction of roadNECCDEP3,036,460.00Thirukkovil, KaraithivuTsunami affected people12121m2008
 Well and ToiletNECCDEP268,863.00ThirukkovilTsunami affected people22008
 Construction of SARC Office BuildingOxfam GB                  2,500,000.00ThirukkovilTsunami affected people12008
 Construction of Paddy Store and Seed Processing CentreOxfam GB                  8,000,000.00ThirukkovilTsunami affected people12008
 Construction of VT Hostal and CentreWUSC                  7,964,750.00Pottuvil, Thirukkovil, Kalmunai, NavithanvelyYouths42008
 Cleaning on Irrigation ChennelDCA,CA,Diakonia                     900,000.00NavithanvelyWar Affected people20KM2008
 Women desk buildingEU-Oxfam                     407,525.00Thirukkovil  2010
 Construction of Fisherman rest roomNECCDEP111,913.00ThirukkovilFisheries 2010
 Common buildingNECCDEP368,000.00Thirukkovil  2011
Total                  49,074,680.00    

Activities of Infrastructure Development