Welcome to Social Welfare Organization Ampara District 

Women Empowerment

Our organization is actively involved in village development through the formation of self-help groups (SHGs) and a variety of activities. Here’s a breakdown of the key components of your efforts:
  1. Credit and Financial Mechanisms:
    • Addressing urgent credit needs through self-help mechanisms.
    • Promoting savings within the community.
  2. Income Generation and Skill Development:
    • Engaging in income-generating activities during leisure time.
    • Enhancing professional skills to improve the economic status of families.
    • Providing vocational training for skill development.
    • Developing skills in using computers and electronic devices.
  3. Government Welfare Schemes:
    • Building capacity to access and benefit from various government welfare schemes.
  4. Economic Empowerment:
    • Selling manufactured goods without relying on middlemen.
    • Developing sales skills for economic independence.
  5. Women’s Empowerment and Safety:
    • Resisting atrocities against women.
    • Unleashing hidden potentials within women.
    • Raising awareness about women’s rights.
    • Implementing laws and rights for women.
  6. Community Development:
    • Engaging in activities that meet the basic needs of the village.
    • Facilitating family, village, and urban development through capacity building.
  7. Social Awareness and Leadership:
    • Creating social awareness within the community.
    • Developing good leadership qualities.
  8. Health and Family Welfare:
    • Providing clarity on health and family welfare issues.
    • Imparting practical life education.
  9. Legal Awareness:
    • Raising awareness and implementing laws and rights for women.
  10. Communication and Record Keeping:
    • Developing communication skills within the community.
    • Enhancing record-keeping capacity.
  11. Group Dynamics:
    • Developing the ability to understand achievements in group work.
Our organization’s multifaceted approach addresses not only economic aspects but also empowers individuals socially, legally, and educationally. The focus on skills development, economic independence, and empowerment of women contributes significantly to the overall well-being and progress of the community.