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SWOAD Organization Hosts 36 Awareness Seminars in Villages.

SWOAD organization has been actively fostering awareness among communities by organizing seminars at the village level. These seminars focus on enlightening attendees about the services offered by SWOAD and the procedures for availing them. In a strategic move, the organization invites experts, to share their insights during these sessions. This approach not only ensures that community members are well-informed about the available services but also creates a platform for addressing and resolving issues identified at the village level. The initiative has successfully facilitated improved communication between SWOAD and the communities it serves. In the current year, 36 awareness workshops have been conducted across the six divisional secretary divisions of the organization. Impressively, a total of 1,328 participants actively engaged in these workshops, gaining valuable departmental awareness and contributing to the overall success of the initiative. This proactive approach underscores SWOAD’s commitment to transparent communication and community empowerment.



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