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Women Empowerment

SWOAD Organization Hosts 36 Awareness Seminars in Villages.

SWOAD organization has been actively fostering awareness among communities by organizing seminars at the village level. These seminars focus on enlightening attendees about the services offered by SWOAD and the procedures for availing them. In a strategic move, the organization invites experts, to share their insights during these sessions. This…
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SWOAD Conducts 3,335 Branch and 72 Divisional Meetings in 2019

SWOAD has been actively steering the progress of its members’ families, as well as the social, village, and economic development of 53 branches through regular engagement with branch executives. On a monthly basis, comprehensive discussions are conducted to guide and support the holistic advancement of members and their communities. Furthermore,…
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Seminars about Awareness violence against women

Three awareness seminars were organized, bringing together a total of 71 participants. The attendees included members of RDS (Rural Development Society), village-level active women’s group members, village service officers, and officers from Thirukovil Police Women’s Division. The primary objective of these seminars was to establish a unified network among village-level…
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450 Disaster Risk Reduction Action Plans have been provided.

It’s impressive to learn about the Disaster Risk Reduction Program’s efforts to provide shelters to 450 beneficiaries across the districts of Pottuvil, Thirukovil, Karaitivu, Sammanthurai, Kalmunai, and Navithanveli. Here’s a summary of the key details: Program Scope: The Disaster Risk Reduction Program targeted six districts: Pottuvil, Thirukovil, Karaitivu, Sammanthurai, Kalmunai,…
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A Celebration of International Women’s Day in Thirukkovil

On March 12, 2006, the vibrant spirit of International Women’s Day came alive in Thirukkovil, as the community gathered at Kalaimagal Vidyalaya in Thambiluvil for a momentous celebration. This empowering event drew the participation of 700-800 enthusiastic members, creating a powerful atmosphere of unity and recognition. Key Highlights: Venue: The…
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