Welcome to Social Welfare Organization Ampara District 

Target Groups

01. Widows
– Widows by war
– Those who have lost their husbands due to natural factors
– Those who are permanently separated from their husbands legally

02. Affected boys
– Victims of war
– Those who are unable to get an education due to poverty
– Unsupported childrenஃ Boys who have lost their parents
– Boys living in insecure, vulnerable communities
– Boys from poor families living with their parents
– Children of parents who are addicted to drugs or alcohol and have gone abroad

03. Disabled
– Those who lost limbs in the war
– Natural disability
– Curable disability
– Different patients

04. The unsupported
– Unsupported elderly
– Individual families with no outside assistance
– Careless seniors

05. Addicted to alcohol and drugs
– Poor family heads
– Women
– youth
– children

06. Very poor families
(Basically disadvantaged, permanently unemployed, very low monthly income, high family members, malnourished; people)

07. Street children
– Unsupported
– Those who live with family

08. Youth overcoming imprisonment
09. Those who are detained in jail
10. Young men and women without employment facilities
11. Entrepreneurs
12. Small Business Investors
13. Education is learning; Poor students
14. Children under 6 years of age