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Environment Development

Our organization is actively involved in environmental protection and development activities, aiming to create a healthier and sustainable living environment. Here’s an overview of the initiatives undertaken:
  1. Construction of Well:
    • Building wells to provide a sustainable and local source of water.
  2. Construction of Toilet:
    • Promoting sanitation and hygiene through the construction of toilets.
  3. Installation of Rainwater Harvesting:
    • Implementing rainwater harvesting systems to conserve water resources.
  4. Disaster Risk Reduction Measures:
    • Undertaking measures to reduce the risk of disasters and improve community resilience.
  5. Tree Planting:
    • Engaging in tree planting activities to contribute to reforestation and biodiversity.
  6. Organic Farming:
    • Promoting sustainable agricultural practices through organic farming.
  7. Anaki Stove Provision:
    • Providing Anaki stoves, which are likely energy-efficient and environmentally friendly cooking solutions.
  8. Dengue Eradication Activities:
    • Conducting activities to eradicate dengue, likely including mosquito control measures.
  9. Reduction in Polythene Consumption:
    • Advocating for and implementing measures to reduce the consumption of polythene and plastic.
  10. Health and Environmental Awareness:
    • Raising awareness about the importance of health and environmental protection.
These activities collectively address various aspects of environmental sustainability, including water conservation, waste reduction, disaster preparedness, and the promotion of eco-friendly practices. Additionally, the emphasis on health and environmental awareness contributes to building a community that is conscious of its impact on the environment and actively works towards its preservation. The holistic approach to environmental protection demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of both the community and the ecosystem.
ActivitiyDonorsFundDivisionTarget GroupNumber of BenificiariesStart date
DRR ProgramSCinSL                  1,124,766.00Kalmunai, ThirukkovilChildren3002007
Tree PlantingDCA1,150,000.00Navithanvely, Thirukkovil, Sammanthurai 30002007
Tree PlantingCA600,000.00Navithanvely, Thirukkovil, Sammanthurai
Pottuvil, Kalmunai, Karaithivu
War, Tsunami Affected People10002008
Construction of model Roof top train water carvestingCA530,000.00Pottuvi, NavithanvelyWar, Tsunami Affected People102008
Groud floor train water cavestingCA250,000.00NavithanvelyWar, Tsunami Affected People12008
Providing anaki stoveCA                     187,500.00Navithanvely, Thirukkovil, Sammanthurai
Pottuvil, Kalmunai, Karaithivu
War, Tsunami Affected People4502008
Training on DRR,Etablished CBDRM group,Awareness
Copaign,Tree planting and providing Anagistoves
CA                     652,000.00Navithanvely, Thirukkovil, Sammanthurai
Pottuvil, Kalmunai, Karaithivu
War, Tsunami Affected People20002009
Total                   4,494,266.00  6761