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SWOAD Conducts 3,335 Branch and 72 Divisional Meetings in 2019

SWOAD has been actively steering the progress of its members’ families, as well as the social, village, and economic development of 53 branches through regular engagement with branch executives. On a monthly basis, comprehensive discussions are conducted to guide and support the holistic advancement of members and their communities. Furthermore, across all six regions, SWOAD has facilitated dialogues with divisional administrators, probing into the progress, challenges, public needs, and issues faced by branches and divisions. This inclusive approach has resulted in the organization conducting a total of 3,335 branch meetings throughout the year, with an impressive participation of 23,106 members. Additionally, 72 divisional management meetings have taken place, bringing together 2,408 divisional executives. These meetings serve as a vital platform for addressing concerns, strategizing solutions, and collectively working towards the betterment of communities, reflecting SWOAD’s commitment to proactive and inclusive development initiatives.

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