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Training and Awareness

HIV/AIDS Awareness Seminar on 09.11.2023

With the financial support of Community Development Services (CDS), SWOAD organized an HIV/AIDS awareness seminar for migrant workers’ union leaders to educate them about HIV/AIDS and how to protect themselves from infection. The training session took place at the SWOAD Akkaraipattu headquarters on Thursday, with the participation of 32 union…
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Discussion with government vocational training consultants, relevant stakeholders, project staff

It’s commendable that there have been four discussions involving Government Vocational Training Consultants, stakeholders, and project staff regarding project activities. These discussions serve as a vital platform for sharing information, clarifying project-related details, and actively involving key participants in the project process. The collaborative nature of these discussions is crucial…
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Sensitization discussion on the processes of the Vocational Skill Development Programme

It’s commendable to note that a series of sensitization discussions has taken place to enlighten and engage various stakeholders in the Skill Development Program. A total of 17 discussions have been conducted, involving 551 leaders from village-level organizations and government officials. Additionally, three discussions have included 90 volunteers. These sensitization…
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Awareness of Banking Procedures

Between August 17 and August 24, 2019, a series of three awareness seminars were conducted in the Karaitivu area, focusing on “Awareness of Banking Procedures.” Mrs. Yazhini, an employee of HNB Bank, played a pivotal role in facilitating these informative sessions. The seminars aimed to enlighten participants about banking procedures…
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