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Awareness of Banking Procedures

Between August 17 and August 24, 2019, a series of three awareness seminars were conducted in the Karaitivu area, focusing on “Awareness of Banking Procedures.” Mrs. Yazhini, an employee of HNB Bank, played a pivotal role in facilitating these informative sessions. The seminars aimed to enlighten participants about banking procedures and the various services provided by the bank.

A total of 123 individuals actively participated in these seminars, gaining valuable insights into banking operations and services. The initiative not only contributed to enhancing financial literacy but also provided an opportunity for the community to better understand and utilize the banking facilities available to them.

This series of awareness seminars demonstrates a commitment to empowering the community in the Karaitivu area with the knowledge needed to navigate and leverage banking services effectively. By fostering awareness of banking procedures, the initiative contributes to financial inclusion and the overall economic well-being of the participants.


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