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Awareness on “Parental Contribution in Developing Student’s Ability”.

On August 26, 2019, a significant awareness seminar was conducted in the Kalmunai area. The seminar, titled “Parental Contribution in Developing Student’s Ability,” was attended by 35 individuals. Mr. U.A. Basleen, the Skill Development Officer, played a key role in leading the session.

The primary focus of the seminar was to emphasize the vital role parents play in nurturing and developing the skills of students. Mr. U.A. Basleen provided valuable insights and guidance on how parents can actively contribute to the educational and skill development of their children.

This initiative underscores a commitment to fostering a collaborative approach between parents and educators, recognizing the influential role parents play in shaping the abilities and future success of students. By promoting awareness on parental contribution, the seminar aimed to strengthen the support system for students in the Kalmunai area.

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