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Training for Families Seeking Vocational Skills and Opportunities Abroad.

It’s commendable to learn that pre-counseling sessions were conducted for 395 applicants who applied for industrial training under the Skill Development Program. These sessions, aimed at providing guidance and advice related to professional skills, are particularly impactful for families of migrant workers who plan to go abroad after acquiring these skills.

Out of the applicants, 255 individuals have been selected as suitable beneficiaries, showcasing a careful and selective process. It’s noteworthy that 119 of these individuals are proceeding to training, distributed across various categories: 50 in Vocational Training, 67 in Group Training, and 2 in EBT (Electronic Based Training).

This initiative not only highlights the commitment to skill development but also demonstrates a thoughtful approach in preparing individuals and families for potential employment opportunities abroad. By providing pre-counseling and tailored training options, the Skill Development Program contributes significantly to the professional growth and preparedness of participants.

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