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Awareness on “Business Planning for Self Employed Entrepreneurs”.

On July 10, 2019, a significant awareness seminar focused on business planning was conducted for 31 self-employed entrepreneurs at Pottuil Division Kundudu Branch. The seminar, led by Mrs. Jeevadarsini Karunakaran, the Economic Development Officer, aimed to empower and guide entrepreneurs in enhancing their business strategies and planning.

During the session, participants received valuable insights into effective business planning, covering areas such as financial management, market analysis, and sustainable growth. Mrs. Jeevadarsini Karunakaran’s expertise contributed to equipping the self-employed entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools necessary for successful business development.

This initiative reflects a commitment to supporting local entrepreneurs and fostering economic development within the community served by the Pottuil Division Kundudu Branch. By providing resources and guidance on business planning, the seminar aimed to enhance the capabilities and success of the self-employed individuals in their respective ventures.


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