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Awareness regarding “Drug abuse and its potential harms”.

On August 20, 2019, a crucial awareness seminar addressing “Drug Abuse and its Potential Harms” took place in the Pothuvil area. The seminar, attended by 33 individuals, was conducted by Mr. A. A. Sukkur, the Human Resource Development Officer. The primary goal of the session was to educate participants about the dangers of drug use and the potential adverse effects it can have on individuals and the community.

Mr. A. A. Sukkur’s expertise contributed to providing valuable insights into the consequences of drug abuse, fostering an understanding of the importance of prevention and intervention. This initiative reflects a commitment to raising awareness and promoting a healthier community in the Pothuvil area by addressing critical issues related to drug misuse. By empowering individuals with information on the potential harms associated with drug abuse, the seminar aimed to contribute to the overall well-being of the participants and the broader community.

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