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Police Women’s Desk Foundation Stone Ceremony and Vinayakapuram Inscription Event

On October 17, 2012, as part of the EU-ACAP project, ceremonies were conducted under two initiatives:

  1. Police Women Desk Foundation Stone Ceremony:
    • The foundation stone ceremony for the Police Women Desk took place, indicating the commencement of the construction or establishment of a dedicated space for addressing women’s issues within the police department.
  2. Vinayakapuram Inscription Ceremony:
    • Another ceremony was held in Vinayakapuram for an inscription. The exact nature and purpose of the inscription ceremony are not specified, but it suggests a significant event or activity in Vinayakapuram related to the EU-ACAP project.

These ceremonies mark key milestones and activities under the EU-ACAP project, emphasizing the commitment to initiatives promoting women’s welfare and community development.

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