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Infrastructure Development

ASI Coordinator Visits SWOAD for Project Expansion Talks

Mr. Samantha Abeywickrama, the coordinator of Alliance for Sustainable Infrastructure (ASI), an organization that creates a sustainable construction structure in Sri Lanka, visited SWOAD today on 21.11.2023 and discussed the expansion of this structure. At this event, the founder of SWOAD organization, Mr. S. Senthurasa, and the members of the…
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CA Organization Sets Up Temporary Shelters for 24 in Alayadivembu and 42 in Kalmunai

Under the Livelihood Assistance Scheme and with the support of CA, temporary shelters were established for individuals in the Alayadivembu and Kalmunai Divisional Secretary Divisions. Here are the key details: Number of Beneficiaries: Twenty-four people from Alayadivembu Divisional Secretary Division. Forty-two people from Kalmunai Divisional Secretary Division. Support Type: The…
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