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DA Organization Funds 10 Water Tanks in Various Regions

It appears that, with the financial assistance of the DA organization, several water tank projects were implemented in different regions. Here’s a breakdown of the provided water tanks: Pothuvil Region: Two water tanks were provided Thirukovil Region: Three water tanks were provided. Navithanveli Region: Three water tanks were provided. Sammanthurai…
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Integrated Social Rehabilitation Development Action Plan Constructs 20 Houses in Sammanthurai and 19 Houses in Navithanveli

It appears that, as part of an integrated social rehabilitation development action plan, a housing project was undertaken in the Sammanthurai and Navithanveli areas. Here are the key details: Construction of Permanent Houses: Twenty permanent houses were constructed in the Sammanthurai area. Nineteen houses were constructed in the Navithanveli area.…
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Temporary Housing Scheme

As part of the reconstruction program, temporary huts were provided with the assistance of organizations such as UNHCR and USAID. Additionally, under Oxfam’s temporary housing program, 500 temporary houses were constructed and handed over to the beneficiaries. This endeavor was completed within a three-month target period and covered nine Gramsevakar…
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