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Sanitation and Water Projects: Enhancing Access and Facilities in 2008.

In 2008, several infrastructure projects were undertaken in the Navithanveli area and surrounding villages, with funding from different sources. Here is a summary of the projects:

  1. Navithanveli Area:
    • 20 toilets and 20 wells were constructed in the Navithanveli area.
    • The funding for these projects amounted to Rs 2,840,000.00 and was provided by DCA/FCA.
  2. Villages of Chinnapanangadu, Thampatta-01, Thambiluvil-02, Vinayakapuram-02:
    • Four public wells were constructed in these villages.
    • The cost of these wells was Rs 1,703,000.00, and the funding came from Neccdep.
  3. Sangamangiram:
    • In Sangamangiram, a defecation facility and a fence were constructed.
    • The cost of this project was Rs 573,500.00.

These projects encompass various aspects of infrastructure development, including sanitation facilities, wells, public infrastructure in villages, and the construction of facilities in specific locations like Sangamangiram. The funding from DCA/FCA and Neccdep indicates collaborative efforts to address community needs and improve living conditions in the specified areas.

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