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Discussion meeting of the 1st Executive meeting of Amparai District Sustainable Infrastructure Peoples Forum

The 1st Committee meeting of the People’s Forum for Amparai District Sustainable Infrastructure which was formed jointly by SWOAD and ASI was held on 02.01.2024 under the leadership of Mr. S. Senthurajah, the founder and associate of SWOAD at the head office of Akkaraipattu. In this discussion, the future activities of the People’s Forum, the duties and responsibilities of the members, as well as the use of the infrastructures built in the past in Ampara district and the monitoring activities of the infrastructures that are going to be built with government funds in the future were discussed in detail in this meeting. Also, the members of the People’s Forum discussed about the deficiencies in the infrastructure found in their respective areas.
Also, the Convener of ASI participated in this discussion and clarified about ASI and the projects being implemented in collaboration with SWOAD. Also, the activities to be implemented through the People’s Forum in the future were discussed in detail in this meeting.

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