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Creation of District People’s Council on Sustainable Building Infrastructure

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SWOAD, with financial support from the Team for Sustainable Infrastructure (ASI), has established an effective social action group at the district level. The objective is to strengthen the local economy and enhance the overall well-being of the people in the Ampara district. The group is dedicated to ensuring that public expenditures for construction projects are executed efficiently, transparently, and with a focus on quality.

To initiate this effort, a discussion took place on December 28, 2023, at the SWOAD head office. Mr. S. Senthurasa, the founder of SWOAD, provided insights into the project collaboration with ASI. Following this, Mr. Samantha Wickrama, the Manager of ASI Company, participated, offering an overview of ASI’s work and addressing questions from participants.

A diverse group of 32 individuals, including university professors, senior lecturers, academics, retired government officials, civil society representatives, multi-disciplinary government officials, heads of non-governmental organizations, divisional council secretaries, media persons, and members of the SWOAD management council, actively contributed to the discussion. Their views and suggestions were instrumental in the establishment of a district-level social action committee.

As a result of the discussion, Mrs. Kajendiny Suvendran, Chairperson of SWOAD Company, and Dr. S. Anusia (Crest Lecturer, South Eastern University) were elected as People’s Representatives. Executive members of the council were also appointed. Subsequently, an agreement was signed to formalize the commitment to carry out the project.


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