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CA Organization Provides 400,000.00 Rupees to Support Home Garden and Pottery Industry in Kalmunai.

Under the sponsorship of the CA organization and with the leadership of the project secretary, financial support was provided to individuals in the Kalmunai region for business ventures. Here are the key details:

  1. Support Amount:
    • A total of 400,000.00 Rupees was allocated as financial support.
  2. Number of Beneficiaries:
    • Fifty beneficiaries received support for home garden projects.
    • Fifteen beneficiaries received support for the pottery industry.
  3. Support Purpose:
    • The financial support was intended to assist beneficiaries in establishing or developing their businesses related to home gardening and pottery.
  4. Sponsorship:
    • The CA organization sponsored the initiative, indicating their commitment to supporting local businesses and community development.

This initiative showcases the support provided to individuals in the Kalmunai region, aiming to empower them in various business sectors. The allocation of funds for home garden and pottery industry projects suggests a diverse range of economic activities and reflects efforts to enhance livelihoods and promote entrepreneurship in the community.

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