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Oxfam Supports 650 Families with Non-Food Items, 2419 with Health Packages, and 1037 with Water Filters.

Under the flood disaster emergency plan and with the financial assistance of the Oxfam organization, relief efforts were directed towards the affected communities in Alayadivembu, Thirukovil, and Pothuvil areas. Here are the key details:

  1. Beneficiary Families:
    • A total of 650 families from Alayadivembu, Thirukovil, and Pothuvil areas were selected as recipients of aid.
  2. Financial Assistance Source:
    • The Oxfam organization provided financial assistance to support the implementation of the emergency relief plan.
  3. Non-Food Items:
    • The 650 selected families were provided with non-food items. These items likely included essential supplies to address immediate needs arising from the flood disaster.
  4. Health Improvement Packages:
    • A total of 2,419 families received health improvement packages. These packages may have included medical supplies or support aimed at addressing health-related challenges resulting from the flood.
  5. Water Filters:
    • Additionally, 1,037 families were supplied with water filters, indicating a focus on ensuring access to clean and safe water for the affected households.
  6. Leadership of Village Servicemen:
    • The distribution and implementation of relief efforts were conducted under the leadership of village servicemen, demonstrating local coordination and involvement.

This comprehensive initiative, supported by the Oxfam organization, reflects a coordinated and community-centric approach to providing essential assistance in the aftermath of the flood disaster. The focus on non-food items, health improvement, and access to clean water aligns with the immediate needs of affected families in the region.

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