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Constructing 50 Permanent Houses in Kalmunai and Karaitivu

It appears that in 2006, as part of the post-tsunami reconstruction efforts, a housing project was undertaken in the Kalmunai and Karaitivu areas. The initiative involved the construction of 50 permanent houses, each valued at 6 lakh rupees. Christian Aid provided financial assistance for this project. Additionally, temporary houses were…
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To encourage business development and improve the quality of life of the victims, business equipment was provided

To encourage the professional development and enhance the standard of living for those affected, 1555 beneficiaries in 11 Grama Sevakar Divisions under the Thirukovil Divisional Secretary Division were equipped with 15 different types of business equipment, with a total cost of 40,934,900.00 rupees. This initiative was made possible through the…
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Temporary Housing Scheme

As part of the reconstruction program, temporary huts were provided with the assistance of organizations such as UNHCR and USAID. Additionally, under Oxfam’s temporary housing program, 500 temporary houses were constructed and handed over to the beneficiaries. This endeavor was completed within a three-month target period and covered nine Gramsevakar…
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