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Livelihood Assistance for 200 Migrant Families in Sagama Village

It’s commendable to see the Livelihood Assistance Program addressing the needs of families that have migrated from Vanni and settled in Sagama village, especially those with fewer basic facilities. Here’s a summary of the key details:

  1. Target Beneficiaries:
    • The Livelihood Assistance Program targeted 200 families who migrated from Vanni and settled in Sagama village. The selection criteria likely focused on those with limited basic facilities.
  2. Auspices of OXFAM:
    • The relief materials distribution was conducted under the auspices of OXFAM, indicating collaborative efforts to address the needs of the affected population.
  3. Nature of Assistance:
    • Relief materials were provided to the selected families as part of the assistance program.
  4. Cost of Assistance:
    • The relief materials distribution incurred a cost of 358,600.00 rupees, demonstrating a financial commitment to supporting the affected families.

The provision of relief materials is crucial in addressing the immediate needs of families facing challenges due to migration or a lack of basic facilities. This support, carried out in collaboration with OXFAM, underscores the importance of collective efforts in humanitarian initiatives.

It would be beneficial to continue monitoring the progress and well-being of these families over time, ensuring that the assistance provided contributes to their long-term stability and improved livelihoods.

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