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Oxfam Assists in Cleaning Roads in Alaiyadivembu Division, Costing 30,600.00 Rupees.

With the financial assistance of the Oxfam organization, a solid waste management project was implemented to address the accumulation of solid waste along roads in the Alaiyadivembu Divisional Secretary Division. Here are the key details:

  1. Financial Assistance Source:
    • The Oxfam organization provided financial assistance for the implementation of the solid waste management project.
  2. Cost of the Project:
    • The project was executed at a cost of 30,600.00 rupees.
  3. Project Area:
    • The solid waste management project focused on specific divisions within the Alaiyadivembu Divisional Secretary Division. These divisions included Kolavil – 01, 02, 03, Navakkadu, Alaiadivembu, Chinnakulam, Periyakulam, Vachikuda, Ithiadi, Alaiadivembu, Panangadu.
  4. Objective:
    • The primary goal of the project was to remove and clean up the accumulated solid waste along the roads in the specified divisions.
  5. Implementation:
    • The project involved the systematic removal and cleaning of solid waste from the designated areas.

This initiative contributes to environmental cleanliness, public health, and overall community well-being by addressing the challenges associated with solid waste accumulation. The support from Oxfam underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in managing and mitigating the impact of disasters on communities.


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