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500 Farmers in 5 Regions Receive Seeds, Saplings, and Agricultural Guidance.

Under the mentioned scheme, support was provided to 500 farmers across 5 regions. Here are the key details:

  1. Beneficiaries:
    • A total of 500 farmers were beneficiaries of the scheme.
  2. Regions Covered:
    • The support was extended to farmers in 5 different regions.
  3. Support Type:
    • Farmers received vegetable seeds and saplings as part of the scheme.
  4. Guidance and Advice:
    • Agricultural educators offered advice on planting and maintenance to assist farmers in optimizing their agricultural practices.

This initiative aimed to empower farmers by providing them with the essential resources needed for cultivating vegetables. Additionally, the guidance from agricultural educators indicates a comprehensive approach, ensuring that farmers not only received the necessary inputs but also the knowledge and expertise to enhance the success of their agricultural endeavors. Such schemes contribute to improving agricultural productivity and the economic well-being of farmers in the supported regions.

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