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Assistance to Farmers in Thirukkovil and Vinayakapuram for Field Registration

It’s great to hear about the various forms of assistance provided under the Livelihood Scheme to support farmers in Thirukovil and Vinayakapuram branches. Here’s a summary of the key initiatives:

  1. Assistance for Document Registration:
    • One hundred sixteen farmers in Thirukovil, Pothuvil district, received support to obtain necessary documents for the registration of fields and upland lands. This assistance likely facilitates legal recognition and ownership of their agricultural land.
  2. Seed Provision for Home Gardens:
    • One hundred farmers in Vinayakapuram branches 01, 02, 03, and 04 received seeds for home gardens through SOND Company. This support contributes to the cultivation of diverse crops for personal consumption or small-scale local trade.
  3. Provision of Farming Tools:
    • Fifty-three farmers were provided with spades through the Department of Agriculture. This assistance ensures that farmers have the necessary tools to carry out their agricultural activities effectively.
  4. Seedlings and Seeds Distribution:
    • Forty farmers received 1,075 papabasi seedlings and seeds such as kochi and kathari through welfare service stations. This initiative likely supports the cultivation of specific crops, contributing to agricultural diversity and potentially enhancing farmers’ income.

The Livelihood Scheme’s multi-faceted approach addresses various needs of the farmers, from documentation and tools to seeds and seedlings. Such comprehensive support is instrumental in improving the overall livelihoods of the farming community, promoting sustainable agriculture, and contributing to local economic development.

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