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Helped for Farmers to get Loans of 10 Lakh 50 Thousand Rupees.

It’s notable that efforts have been made to improve the livelihoods of displaced people through financial assistance. Here’s a summary of the key details:

  1. Beneficiary Selection:
    • Fifty-four selected farmers from the villages of Thangavelayuthapuram and Sagamam were identified to receive support.
  2. Financial Assistance Type:
    • The assistance provided to these farmers came in the form of a repayable loan.
  3. Loan Amount and Source:
    • The total loan amount disbursed was 10 lakh 50 thousand rupees.
    • The loans were facilitated through the Bank of Sri Lanka and HNB Banks.
  4. Purpose of the Loan:
    • The loan was likely provided to support the farmers in their agricultural activities or any other income-generating ventures to enhance their livelihoods.

The provision of a repayable loan is a strategic approach to empower individuals to invest in their businesses or agricultural endeavors, aiming for sustainable economic growth and improved livelihoods. By partnering with banks, this initiative facilitates access to financial resources that can contribute to the development and resilience of the displaced communities.

It’s crucial to monitor the impact of such initiatives over time, assessing how the loans contribute to the economic well-being of the recipients and the overall improvement of livelihoods in the targeted areas.


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