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Training on Post-Harvest Handling and Grading

A post-harvest handling and grading training session was organized for 503 farmers in the areas of Navithanveli, Sammanthurai, Alaiyadivembu, Pothuvil, and Uganai. The training was conducted with the assistance of agricultural officers. Here are the key details:

  1. Training Focus:
    • The training focused on post-harvest handling and grading of vegetables, indicating an emphasis on improving the quality of produce after harvesting.
  2. Number of Farmers:
    • A total of 503 farmers participated in the training.
  3. Selection Criteria:
    • The farmers were selected from 17 agricultural societies in the specified areas.
  4. Collaboration with Agricultural Officers:
    • Agricultural officers provided assistance in conducting the training, suggesting a collaborative effort between farmers and agricultural experts.
  5. Geographical Coverage:
    • The training sessions covered multiple areas, including Navithanveli, Sammanthurai, Alaiyadivembu, Pothuvil, and Uganai, indicating a broad geographical reach.

The training aimed to equip farmers with knowledge and skills related to effective post-harvest handling and grading practices. Such initiatives are crucial for enhancing the overall quality of agricultural produce, contributing to increased market value and improved livelihoods for the participating farmers.


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