Welcome to Social Welfare Organization Ampara District 

Training for Association Executives to Engage in Problem-Solving Initiatives

It’s impressive to learn that measures are being taken to address the challenges faced by migrant worker families through the association. The involvement of elected executives from 30 associations and 350 members in these efforts demonstrates a collective and proactive approach. The activities undertaken, such as providing information related to safe travel abroad, offering legal assistance to victims, providing intelligence advice, and guiding the reunification with families to manage remittances, highlight a comprehensive and supportive framework.

The memorization of 16 exercises indicates a commitment to preparedness and skill-building within the association. This is crucial for efficiently handling various aspects of migrant worker support, from legal assistance to financial management.

By undertaking these initiatives, the association is not only addressing immediate issues faced by migrant workers and their families but is also contributing to a more informed and resilient migrant community. This comprehensive approach fosters a sense of security and support, enhancing the overall well-being of those involved in migration.

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