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Training for Agricultural Income Development and Farmer Skills

The Agricultural Income Development Project, with financial support from the Lutheran World Relief (LWR), initiated a project to enhance the income of farmers, strengthen agricultural associations, and improve the knowledge and technical skills of farmers. Here are the key details of the project launch:

  1. Date and Location:
    • The project was launched on 12.06.2011 at the Amparai District Governor’s office.
  2. Organizing Entity:
    • The initiative was organized by the Agricultural Income Development Project Organization.
  3. Financial Support:
    • Financial support for the project was provided by the Lutheran World Relief (LWR).
  4. Participants:
    • The launch event saw the participation of 30 individuals, including the Amparai District Governor (Mr. Sunilkannangara), officials from the Agriculture Department and Irrigation Department, Regional Secretaries of the Project, representatives from Trade Associations, District Planning Officers, and an Eastern University Lecturer (Mr. Datsanamurthy).
  5. Discussion Focus:
    • The discussion during the event likely focused on strategies and plans for strengthening agricultural associations, enhancing farmers’ knowledge and skills, and promoting economic development in the agricultural sector.

This collaborative effort, involving various stakeholders, illustrates a comprehensive approach to address agricultural challenges and uplift the economic status of farmers. The engagement of key government officials, experts, and representatives from different sectors suggests a coordinated effort to ensure the success and sustainability of the Agricultural Income Development Project.

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