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Integrated Program Drives Awareness, Skills, and Community Development.

It appears that under the Integrated Community Rehabilitation Development Program, various awareness initiatives and training sessions were conducted in six operational areas, benefiting a total of 5,335 beneficiaries in village branches. Here are the key components of the program:

  1. Awareness Topics:
    • Health and nutrition
    • Women’s rights
    • Milk status equality
    • Leadership
    • Importance of child education
    • HIV/AIDS awareness
    • Poultry farming
    • Role model mother
    • Lactating mother
    • Child nutrition improvement
    • Disaster risk reduction
  2. Awareness Seminars:
    • A total of 143 awareness seminars were conducted.
  3. Training Topics:
    • Accounting systems
    • Organic farming
    • Peace building
    • Marketing

The program seems comprehensive, addressing various aspects of community development, health, education, and livelihoods. The combination of awareness sessions and training indicates a holistic approach to improving the well-being and capacity of individuals and communities in the operational areas.

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