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District-level Training for Migrant Workers’ Welfare Associations

It’s commendable to note that three district-level trainings have been organized to enhance the capacity of migrant workers’ welfare associations. These training sessions, conducted with the expertise of Mrs. Monika, a consultant from the SDC organization, have engaged leaders, administrators, and employees of these associations. The primary goal is to develop and strengthen the capabilities of these associations, enabling them to provide more effective services to migrant laborers.

The involvement of 66 participants in these training sessions suggests a broad and inclusive approach to capacity building within the migrant workers’ welfare associations. By empowering leaders and employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to better serve their constituents, the training contributes to the overall effectiveness and impact of the associations.

This initiative reflects a commitment to ongoing professional development and the continual improvement of services for migrant workers. Strengthening the capacity of these associations is crucial for addressing the unique challenges faced by migrant laborers and ensuring their well-being throughout the migration process.

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