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Discussion on Bank Loan Assistance Scheme to Guide Vocational Training Graduates on Career Opportunities.

On 24.05.2011, a discussion took place at Suwat Headquarters Training Hall. The focus of the discussion was on procedures related to the Bank Loan Assistance Scheme. Bank managers were invited to provide guidance to students who had completed vocational training courses. Here are the key details:

  1. Date and Venue:
    • The discussion occurred on 24.05.2011.
    • The venue for the discussion was Suwat Headquarters Training Hall.
  2. Discussion Topic:
    • The main topic of the discussion was the procedures associated with the Bank Loan Assistance Scheme.
  3. Objective:
    • The discussion aimed to provide guidance for career opportunities to students who had successfully completed vocational training courses.
  4. Invited Participants:
    • Bank managers were invited to participate in the discussion, suggesting collaboration between training institutions and financial institutions.

This initiative indicates a proactive approach to support individuals who have completed vocational training by providing them with information and guidance on accessing bank loans. It reflects a concerted effort to facilitate career development and empower individuals to utilize their newly acquired skills in practical and sustainable ways.

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