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ZOA Organization Supports 1050 Families with Non-Food Items in Thirukovil Area

Under the flood disaster emergency action plan facilitated by the ZOA organization, support was provided to the Thirukovil area. Here are the key details:

  1. Beneficiary Families:
    • A total of 1,050 families from the Thirukovil area were selected to receive assistance under the flood disaster emergency action plan.
  2. Non-Food Relief Items:
    • These families were provided with non-food relief items, aimed at meeting their immediate needs in the aftermath of the flood disaster.
  3. School Support:
    • Additionally, ten schools in the Thirukovil area were identified to receive assistance.
  4. School Cleaning Tools:
    • The schools were provided with school cleaning tools, indicating a focus on restoring and maintaining a conducive learning environment after the flood disaster.

The initiative, conducted under the auspices of the ZOA organization, demonstrates a coordinated response to address the urgent needs of the affected families and schools in the wake of the flood disaster. This type of emergency support is crucial for helping communities recover and rebuild in the aftermath of natural disasters.

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