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Youth in Transition Project

Name           : P. Puviraj

Age              : 21

Location       : Thirukovil


He was living with his father, mother and younger brother. Unfortunately, he lost his father by unknown abduction. Lost of his father affected the family and they struggle to bread winning and his mother went abroad for job. Meanwhile, he lost his younger brother due to disease. When she returned home, the mother-son relationship was not good and he hated his mother. Struggle for family income caused his mother to left home and worked in Middle East. He was with his grandparent.

During his 13th age, he joined with armed group and became a clincher and cadre. UNICEF freed from the organization as he was a child solider/cadre and handed over to his mother. He was not attached with his family and he had only one friend.

He included to Youth in Transition Project and his thought and action revealed him as a cadre. However, he had good characters too. He was able to take responsibility, respect others and obey to the rules. 

The project guided him to set an aim and try to achieve it. In the pre-course, he decided to become a carpenter. Later, he realized the marketing and job opportunity for carpentry and he learnt tailoring. Finally, he decided to become a driver.

His attitude is changed. He is able to make friends in the society and he feels him as part of society. Society accepts him as an ordinary youth due to his approach and behavior.

He received support from an organization called Sevo and started a small shop and he believes that he can earn from this shop. He believes that one day he can become a owner, who can earn and buy vehicle to run the business.

He expresses gratitude to the organizations – UNICEF, WUSC & SWOAD, which helped him to create a new life.

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