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Vocational Training Program Provides Skills in Cosmetology, Electromagnetism, Tailoring, Driving, and Air Conditioner Repair

Under the Vocational Training Program, 105 young men and women in the Divisional Secretariat Divisions of Alayadivembu, Thirukovil, and Kalmunai received vocational training in various fields. The training was supported by ODW/UNICEF, and the program included the following:

  1. Training Fields:
    • Vocational training was provided in cosmetology, electromagnetism, tailoring, driving, and air conditioner repair.
  2. Support Source:
    • The program received support from ODW/UNICEF, indicating a collaborative effort to empower and skill young individuals.
  3. Certification:
    • Trainees who completed the vocational training received NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) level certificates, recognizing their achievement and proficiency in their respective fields.
  4. Employment Opportunities:
    • The program facilitated continued employment opportunities for the trained individuals, emphasizing the practical applicability of the skills acquired.
  5. Provision of Professional Equipment:
    • Additionally, participants were provided with professional equipment necessary for carrying out their respective professions.

This comprehensive vocational training initiative aimed to equip young individuals with practical skills, promote employability, and contribute to their economic empowerment. The support from ODW/UNICEF underscores the importance of partnerships in fostering skill development and creating opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.


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