Welcome to Social Welfare Organization Ampara District 


Name               Ramalingam Ariyamalar

Age                 46

Address           4/104 Central Camp – 1

Trade               Agriculture


We are 8 member family including my  Husband who is a farmer and 3 sons and 5 female members. Elder daughter discontinued her studies and living with me. Three girls are studying. Two sons discontinued their studies and going for odd job.

We are traditional farmers living on agriculture farming. Also according to our needs we are involving day to day earning odd job to fulfill our needs.

We were displaced to several places during 1990 ethnic war and lastly settled in Kalmunai Fatima College welfare centre. In 1993 we were resettled in our original place and started our traditional work of agriculture farming. During this period we came to know that SWOAD Organization is working for the betterment of the poor marginalized people in our area and I joined  SWOAD  in 1993 with the intention of getting the benefit of SWOAD and increase the income of our family.

After joining SWOAD I had the opportunity of participating in discussion meeting and training programs These discussions and training I have gained very good information and messages. These messages and information made to change in our life style.

SWOAD encouraged me to enter into saving habits. Initially I saved 50/= per month and gradually I have started to save 200/= per month. One specific reason for  the change of climate is cutting down the trees and I understood that we should reduce cutting down trees for firewood and other purposes. We were encourage to use Anagi Fire stove for cooking and SWOAD provided me an Anagi stove. We cooked our meals outside the house which consumed more Firewood and more time. The smoke entered into the house and disturbed our children studies and very often they go late to school.

But now since we received an anagi stove and  most of our difficulties have been reduced and also consumption of firewood is reduced. We could cook two items at a time, the smoke is less, there is no danger of fire and could used in the house itself. Also we could preserve the food from the animals which gives us more opportunity to concentrate on our agriculture production and increase our income more.

We are sincerely and earnestly very thankful to SWOAD for providing us such a protective environment


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