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String Hoppers business

I am Ms.Mohanasundari  living in Kanaganagar of  Thambiluvil GN Division at Thirukkovil DS division. I am the leader of the women headed family of 43 years old and having 3 sons . The elder son is studying  in 1st year of  G.C.E. (A/L) – mathematics division, the second one is a daughter sat for the  G.C.E.(O/L) examination and not  eligible to continue G.C.E. (A/L). So she has sat  for the  G.C.E.(O/L) examination again. The third daughter is studying in grade 7 at Kanagaratnam maha vidiyalayam, and she got through the   ‘scholarship examination’

The above mentioned family also affected by the Tsunami and are living in a small house. A new house is constructed up to  roofing level. When we enter inside the house, we saw  a bucket of string hoppers and  she is preparing  ‘thosai’. On the  other side there were some mixer packets. She did not expect our visit and  felt inconvenient, but she managed it and  shared information’s  with pleasure and up to th our expectation.

She  is a member of   SWOAD since  2001 and involving in the SWOAD activities. She started  her saving with  25/=.  Now she has increased her savings to 100/= . The total amount of saving with SWOAD is 5856/=  Her husband was passed away in 2006. While she was living with her husband and living on his earnings, she was earning an income by preparing snacks for the teachers of Kanagaratnam Maha vidiyalayam,  which is closer to her house  and managed to fulfill her basic requirements and  even  purchased some gold ornaments for her. During this period  the expenses for  children’s  studies and other all family needs were met  from her husband’s earning.   

After her husband’s natural death in 2006 she is forced to earn for their whole family   needs. She obtain the  permission to run the school canteen, prepare snacks and  sold them in the  canteen. She has done this as a business. From this earning she could be able to fulfilled all the family needs. 

Under the Tsunami assistance scheme of DIAKONIA through  SWOAD , she received 5000/= worth of   trade tools like String hopper maker, plate for thosai preparation. From these helps she has made two more kinds of snacks and increased her income

She participated in all the Kanaganagar branch activities like Shiramadana, making paper bags for the hospital, distribution of seeds for Home gardening and also attended all the group meetings, workshops and special occasion and qualified to receive loan and obtained loan, First loan she received was 3,000/= after prompt repayment, she received 10000/= and 15,000/=.first two loan she had been paid all installment without any due, but there are 2 months over due on her last loan payment.  Because one of her son is continuing his higher studies at Batticaloa,  so she has to send 5,000.00   per month to him for his additional class fees. and the price  increase of  local goods she is unable to achieve  her target income in her business. Daily 100.00 to 200.00  only she received as an income.

 CARE organization has issued some materials for a permanent shelter to the Tsunami victims. She also received this assistance. With the materials, she constructed a house  up to roof level. She has plastered one room and fixed a door which cost her  10,000.00 . And she is doing  a home garden to fulfill her daily home needs.                                                                                                                     She has an own paddy field in which she is unable to do  paddy cultivation or high land crop cultivation  due to security reason.

She has requested SWOAD  to provide education support fund to her children Her  ambition is to develop her children’s educational level and their status in society . Her brothers also provide some support to her and  participating happy and sorrow  occasions and also assist her children’s education. She said “beyond all the SWOAD given support will be in memory till my death. and since the  time was 10.20am  and has to go school canteen with string hoppers and thosai buckets   Ms Mohanasundary  ran to school 

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