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Training                      : Sewing  

Narrator                       : Adambaba Pathima Parhana

Story collector            : Jeyaraman  Jayaranjith

Date                            : 2009-6-19


I am Pathima. I am 17 year old. I was born on 28th of December 1992. I live in 12th colony, Navithanveli.

I have a big family with 9 members; father, mother, 2 sisters, 4 brothers and myself. I am the third child in our family. My dad is a fish vender. We live in a small house. I did not study much. I dropped my education after grade 6. Also, one of sisters and one of my brothers dropped out for school. A brother and 3 sisters are following education. One of my sisters is mentally ill.

Our family income depends in father’s and brother’s income. They do fish vender and odd labour work like mason. We, all 9 members’ family live with the low income. We live in a temporary house, which is not enough to all of us.

I could not do any job as I have poor education and no job skill. I was hopeless and I could not find a way to uplift our family income. I did not know which way I can find a job.

I came to know from a village development officer of SWOAD, who works in our village that a course on sewing is going to be conducted.  I applied for it and they selected me as one of trainees among 20 trainee. I learnt the course at training centre, which is next to my home. I receive additional training such as career guidance, first aid, SYB and life skill. I was so happy and I thought I can learn a lot and then I can involve in own house base job.

I successfully completed the 6 month course. After the completion of course, I received a sewing machine worth of 18,000.00. It gave me a confident that I can do my job with the training skill which I had and the sewing machine.

Now, I started my job at home. I receive orders from neighbors. I do various sewing such as “salvar” (Indian dress), baby suit, “pinaform” (a long dress), pillow case, etc.

Monthly; I earn 800.00 to 1,000.00 in normal period and in seasonal period 1000.00 to 2,500.00. I involve in various initiative to improve my family economy by saving and poultry. This helps me to look after my sisters & brother education. Also, I use it for my capital of job.

Weekly, I save Rs. 200.00. I expect that we can build a house from the saving as well as from the earning.

My aim is to become a famous tailor in my village and as I told we have to build a house with my earning and my family earning. Also, I have dream that I have to help my sisters and brothers to educate, which I could not achieve.

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