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Name               Samithamby Kavitha

Age                 30

Address           Inspector Eatham, Pottuvil

Trade               Preschool Teacher


We are 4 members in our family. My husband is a daily wage coolly laborer, a son studying in grade 1 and a daughter of 4 months old. I am a Preschool Teacher for the last 9 years. With my salary and my husband’s  coolly wage we are trying to manage our family with great difficulties.

We were displaced to Komari in 1990 ethnic disturbance and again resettled in 1995 and was living with great difficulties. During this period we came to understand that SWOAD Organization was working for the marginalized poor people for the betterment of the

 Pottuvil DS division . To redeem from this pathetic condition, I also joined SWOAD as a member.We have gained good useful knowledge and training from SWOAD. During this period I could be able to get an opportunity from the DRR committee of SWOAD to get a Roof water Harvesting tank. I understood this system could be able to solve the wate    r problem during drought season.

Because of the change of climate our village people underwent water problem and have to walk 2km to fetch a pot of water for drinking purposes twice a day. Due to this our normal routing work was affected

But now because we got a roof water harvesting tank from SWOAD we were able to collect the rain water, purified it and using for drinking purposes. Now we don’t need to travel such a long distance to fetch water and also we are doing our normal duties without any hindrance and living peacefully and happily

We are thankful to SWOAD for providing a water tank with instruction to maintain it  We are satisfied with  the SWOAD support and are living with self respect.


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