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Providing Carpentry and Plow Machine Repair Training Centers, Benefiting 174 Youth in 6 Divisions for Diverse Skill Enhancement Courses.”

It appears that with the financial assistance of the World Canadian University Institute, a carpentry training center was established in the Pottuvil area. Additionally, a plow machine repair training center was set up in the Navithanveli area. The financial support for these initiatives came from the ODW organization, amounting to 4,722,100.00 rupees.

These training centers and financial assistance were instrumental in providing skill development opportunities for 174 young men and women across six regional secretary divisions. The training programs included a diverse range of skills such as tillage repair, home electrification, refrigeration, computer training, home appliance repair, sewing, apprenticeship, and carpentry apprenticeship.

This initiative showcases a comprehensive approach to skill development, covering various trades and disciplines. The involvement of both the World Canadian University Institute and the ODW organization suggests collaborative efforts to empower and equip individuals with practical skills for diverse occupations, fostering economic opportunities and self-sufficiency within the community.

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