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Providing Business Equipment for 50 families

It seems that as part of the Livelihood Scheme, significant support was provided to enhance economic opportunities for community members in the operational area. The scheme involved:

Fifty member families were given business equipment, and the total value of the equipment provided was 250,000.00 rupees. This assistance likely aimed to empower these families by equipping them with the necessary tools or resources for their businesses.
Loans for Self-Employment:

A total of 4,247 individuals received loans amounting to 107,645,980.00 rupees. These loans were likely intended to support self-employment initiatives, enabling individuals to start or expand their businesses and improve their economic circumstances.
The Livelihood Scheme appears to be a comprehensive program designed to uplift the community economically, combining direct support through business equipment provision and facilitating self-employment through significant loan assistance. This multi-pronged approach aims to promote sustainable livelihoods and economic empowerment within the operational area.

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