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Livelihood Scheme Boosts 50 Families with 250,000.00 Rupees Worth of Business Equipmen

It appears that, under the Livelihood Scheme, support was provided to enhance economic opportunities for community members in the operational area. The scheme involved:

  1. Business Equipment Distribution:
    • Fifty member families were given business equipment with a total value of 250,000.00 rupees. This support likely aimed at helping families establish or improve their businesses.
  2. Loans for Self-Employment:
    • A total of 4,247 people were granted loans, amounting to 107,645,980.00 rupees. These loans were likely intended to facilitate self-employment initiatives, providing individuals with the financial means to start or expand their own businesses.

The Livelihood Scheme appears to be a comprehensive effort to empower community members economically, fostering self-sufficiency and sustainable livelihoods. Providing both business equipment and loans reflects a multi-faceted approach to support entrepreneurship and self-employment in the operational area.


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