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Livelihood Assistance Program Grants Rs. 64,986,000.00 Loans to 1774 Beneficiaries in 2010.

It’s impressive to learn about the substantial impact of the Livelihood Assistance Program in the year 2010. Here’s a summary of the key details:

  1. Program Overview:
    • The Livelihood Assistance Program in the year 2010 aimed to support the economic well-being of individuals in the sub-region.
  2. Number of Beneficiaries:
    • A total of 1,774 beneficiaries were selected to participate in the program.
  3. Loan Amount Disbursed:
    • The program provided loans totaling Rs. 64,986,000.00 to the selected beneficiaries.
  4. Purpose of Loans:
    • The loans were intended to support beneficiaries in establishing or expanding their businesses, contributing to livelihood improvement.

The provision of loans to a significant number of beneficiaries indicates a commitment to economic empowerment and poverty reduction within the community. It’s likely that the program facilitated entrepreneurial endeavors and supported individuals in generating income, thereby contributing to the overall economic development of the sub-region.

This kind of financial support not only helps individuals meet their immediate needs but also empowers them to build sustainable livelihoods. The success of the program can be measured by its ability to provide tangible economic opportunities for the selected beneficiaries, fostering self-sufficiency and community development.

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