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Impactful Medical Camps Provide Medicines, Free Nose Glasses, and Eye Surgeries to 557 Elderly Individuals

It appears that through medical camps, a significant number of elderly individuals received various forms of medical support. Specifically:

  1. Medicines Distribution:
    • 557 elderly people were provided with medicines, and the total value of these medicines amounted to Rs. 400.
  2. Free Nose Glasses Distribution:
    • 51 individuals were given free nose glasses, suggesting an initiative to address vision-related needs among the elderly.
  3. Eye Surgery Assistance:
    • 28 elderly people who were identified as needing eye surgery received the necessary surgical interventions.

These efforts, likely part of a medical outreach program, indicate a comprehensive approach to addressing the healthcare needs of the elderly population. The provision of medicines, glasses, and surgical assistance reflects a commitment to improving the health and well-being of the targeted individuals, particularly in the context of vision-related issues and general medical care.


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