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Household Appliance

Training                                  : Household Appliance

Narrator                                   : Thurayappa Chandrakumar

Story Collector                        : Jeyaraman Jayaranjith

Date                                         : 2009-6-15


I am Thurayappa Chandrakumar, 19 year old. I was born in Natpitymunai, Kalmunai on 6th of December 1991. My family has 4 members; 3 sisters myself. When I was one month old baby, I lost my mum and then I lost my dad in 2009.

Now my two sisters are married and other sister & I lived without any hope. One of my aunties accommodates us at their home. I could not complete my education and I stopped after G.C.E (O/L) due to financial problem.

Day-by-day burden was increasing. I was struggling middle of two problems; one side my unmarried sister and other side my luck of educational qualification, which could not support to get job and I could not initiate into self job due to no money and resource. I was hopeless and I hate the life, and felt a like lame man, who was additional burden for my aunt’s family. 

During that time, I heard from one of staffs who works for SWOAD from Natpitymunai that SWOAD is going to conduct a training course on household appliance with the support of ODW. Immediately, I went to SWOAD Kalmunai office for further details and I received the details.

I was thinking that God did not forsake me. I know that there were lot of applications from youth, but only 20 will be selected. I believed that I will be selected from the interview. Because, I was worthy person for the criteria what the interviewers expected. As I believed, I have been selected.

I had motivation and I became hard learner as I was in terrible life – no job, family condition, dependency. The training was not just only the training course, but the carrier guidance, first aid, SYB and life skill. During the training, my personality started to develop and I had self-confidence to start a job.

6 month course did not stop without any next step, but it gave me 3 month OJT. Really, the OJT increased my skills and gave a chance to put the skill in practice. I was learnt additional skills at Luxury Electrical Workshop, Ninthavoor. Everyday I traveled 6 km and completed 3 month OJT.

I sat for the examination, which was conducted by Ninthavoor Vocational Training Authority. Then, I received the certificate, Rs. 15,000.00 worth of tools & equipment by SWOAD.

I started own job at my aunt’s house with the skills and tool & equipments, which I received from the course. Monthly, I receive approximately Rs. 3,000.00 and I receive additional Rs. 3,800.00 to Rs. 4,000.00 from Luxury Electrical Workshop, where I completed OJT, in weekends, and approximately I receive Rs. 7,000.00 per month.

I have eager to develop my skills and I study household appliance, level IV at Ninthavoor Vocational Training Authority. I spend a portion of money to develop my skills and I spend the balance money to my family needs. Now, I am proud to say that I can able to reduce the family burden and I am happy.

I successfully completed the course and I earn approximately Rs. 7,000.00 per month. I do not earn only the money, but respect too. Now, people respect me as I earn money; family burden is reduced; I study for advanced skills. I have hope that I can arrange marriage for my sister. I have an aim that I have to make a workshop and I will be the owner.

Finally, I should say my gratitude to SWOAD and ODW. I will be thankful to SWOAD and ODW forever. These organizations helped me to get social respect and job.

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