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Full Name       Sellathurai Mallikaimuthu

Age                 51

Address           4/56, Central Camp – 2

Trade               Home Gardening


In my family sickly husband, my daughter deserted by her husband and 2 girl children of her  are living under my care. One grand daughter of nine years old is studying in Grade four in  a village school in the Periyaneelavani village.

We were living with the income of a small home gardening; in addition to it we are having a cow, a few goats and a small poultry. I was able to manage the family with the small income with great difficulty. In the ethnic disturbance during 1990 to 1997,whole of my village was affected and I too have lost all my belongings including the garden and the animals. Due to the disturbance I underwent severe hardships manage my family.

SWOAD Organization which is working for the betterment of the poor marginalized people in our village, Since I was a member of SWOAD and doing home gardening, considering my water shortage and my pathetic situation, constructed a ground water harvesting well for me. This well gave me a confidence that I could develop my gardening. Earlier I depended on rain water for cultivation and that also seasonal. But now situation changed that I can do the cultivation through out the year. Now I am involving in gardening in a large scale.

Presently I am cultivating Bringol, Chilies, ladies finger, leafy vegetables, beans, snake good and bottle good. I am taking the crops every fortnight to Pandiruppu Market for sale. I am now getting an income of 6000/= to 7000/= per month. I also purchase the family needs from that market.

Initially I have saved only 50/= per month But now I have increased  my saving to 500/= per month. SWOAD has given me training on Nature farming and since now I am cultivating with compost manure and chemical free medicine for the garden,  people come to my house to purchase vegetable for better price and also give advance for vegetables.

Now I have admitted one of my grand daughter in a hostel and paying 1000/= per moth and she is studying in a better school.

On the whole due to the assistance of SWOAD we are freed from the difficulties and living peacefully and happily. We are ever grateful to SWOAD, obliged to SWOAD  and we will not forget the needy help they have rendered to us.   


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