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Funds Provide 93,250.00 Rupees to 11 Outstanding University Students in Eastern Divisions.

It’s commendable to see efforts being made to improve education through the provision of educational aid funds. Here’s a summary of the key details:

  1. Scope of Educational Aid Funds:
    • The action plan for providing educational aid funds covers multiple regions, including Pothuvil, Thirukovil, Karaitivu, Sammanthurai, Kalmunai, Navithanveli, and Alayadivembu.
  2. Selection Criteria:
    • The beneficiaries were selected based on specific criteria, likely aimed at identifying high-quality students who could benefit from educational support.
  3. Divisional Secretary Divisions:
    • Students were selected from seven divisional secretary divisions to receive educational aid funds.
  4. Financial Assistance Provided:
    • This year, a total of 93,250.00 rupees were allocated as educational support funds.
  5. Number of Students Benefiting:
    • Eleven high-achieving students were identified as recipients of the educational support fund.

This initiative demonstrates a commitment to investing in education and recognizing the potential of high-quality students in the specified regions. The financial assistance provided can contribute to the academic success of the students, potentially alleviating financial barriers to their education.

It would be beneficial to monitor the progress of these students over time and assess the impact of the educational aid funds on their academic achievements and overall educational experience.


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