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Financial Assistance for Seed Paddy and Weaving Industry in Kalmunai

It’s encouraging to learn about the financial support provided by the CA organization to farmers and a self-help group in the Sammanthurai, Navithanveli, and Kalmunai districts for agricultural and weaving initiatives. Here’s a breakdown of the assistance provided:

  1. Seed Paddy Production:
    • Four selected farmers from Sammanthurai and Navithanveli regions received financial assistance of 30,000.00 rupees each for seed paddy production. This support is crucial for enhancing agricultural activities and ensuring a sustainable source of income for the farmers.
  2. Weaving Industry Support:
    • A self-help group in the Kalmunai district, Pandiru branch, consisting of six people, received financial assistance of 343,000.00 rupees for the weaving industry. This support can contribute to the development and sustainability of their weaving activities.

Overall, the financial assistance provided by the CA organization demonstrates a commitment to supporting local farmers and entrepreneurs, contributing to economic development in the specified regions. These initiatives not only provide financial aid but also empower individuals and groups to engage in productive and sustainable livelihood activities.

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